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  • Master Aptitude with an IIT Alumnus. Aptitude Made Easy And Affordable.
  • Complete Syllabus Coverage in 30 Hours
  • Made Easy for Aspirants from Non-Mathematics Background (Everything is Taught from Basics)
  • 365 Days Validity (Helps in Giving Other Exams Too)
  • Incredible Doubt Clearance and Personal Guidance
  • Practice Questions, Chapterwise Tests and Full-Length Tests Included – State PSC Standard
  • One-stop Solution for State PSC. No Need to Refer Other Sources.
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Master Aptitude with an IIT Alumnus. Aptitude Preparation Made Easy And Affordable.

The salient features of the course are:

  • Comprehensive coverage of syllabus
  • Made easy for aspirants from non-mathematics background
  • Out of the box problem solving
  • Practice questions, chapterwise and full-length tests

Along with State PSC, this course will also be helpful for SSC, IBPS, NDA, CDS, Railways and other competitive exams.



Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Does this course covers from the basics?

Ans: Yes, this course covers from the basics so that an aspirant doesn’t face any problem in understanding the concepts.

In video lectures, we cover all the concepts from a particular chapter and solve the questions based on them.

Practice questions will be provided to understand the concepts better.

Chapterwise tests will test your overall understanding of the concepts and fill the gaps.

Full-length tests will give you the feel of real exam. One can expect similar questions in the exam.


Q. How many lectures are there in the course?

Ans: The course comprises of 60 lectures. Each lecture is around 30 minutes. The course duration is approximately 35 hours.


Q. What if I miss a lecture?

Ans: All the lectures are pre-recorded. Whole course is available to you from Day 1. You can access the lectures 24/7, 365 days.


Q. Do I need to refer any other book for preparation?

Ans: A big NO. Our course is one-stop solution. You no need to refer any other source for preparation.


Q. How can I clarify the doubts?

Ans: You can clarify the doubts in three ways.

One, by messaging us on Telegram @csatmantra.

Two, through doubts discussion webinars.

Three, by video calling. If an aspirant needs more help in understanding the concepts, we will clarify the doubts through video calling.


Q. How many times a lecture can be watched?

Ans: You can access a video lecture three times. We have this restriction just to make sure aspirants use the platform sincerely. If an aspirant needs more views, we are happy to provide.


Q. How long will it take for me to get access to the course once I enroll?

Ans: You will get access to the course immediately.


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State PSC 2999 3999
(₹8 per day)
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