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Honest Recommendation

Thank you Rakesh sir, for his simplified logics and shortcut formulation to get the correct answer within the minimum time and I have attempted 52 questions and 39 got corrected and comparative to last year my score has increased by 30+ marks and I can easily qualify the CSAT in my second attempt.
Rakesh sir has provided the course at very minimal price and any aspirant can prepare at home instead of joining offline classes and investing a huge amount of money in CSAT. I hope this program would be useful for many aspirants in the upcoming years and believe me, I am an engineer from NIT but I felt the CSAT becoming the most hurdle to clear, I felt not to neglect the CSAT.
Thanks to the team of this program and I am much more thankful to Rakesh sir. This program will immensly help the needy aspirants than any other institution!
Kudos to the team.

Eshwar R


GS Mentorship Program is a guiding light towards UPSC preparation. The strategies and sources mentioned are unique. Thanks for those enlightening webinars. They helped me in being right path of preparation. Great support by CSAT MANTRA team.

Thank you.

Ambika J

Guidance is enlightening..!

Even though the main objective for your course is to impart CSAT but you also take out time to guide students for GS Mentorship, which is a commendable job ! You made us realise the common mistakes the aspirants make and how we can rectify it , how we should approach the subject …..the guidance is enlightening….I’m sure with your guidance , each aspirant is going to pass with flying colours . Thank you sir !

Shivani S

Dar ke aage jeet hai..!

Whether we the human beings are angles or do the angles come to govern us? The answer is No. We have to do and decide everything for the best and beautiful on the lines of Utilitarian approaches of Maximum Benefit for Maximum Beings.

In this UPSC CSE journey, the biggest question is Why It’s too hard or it takes this much of time. On the contrary, there are aspirants cracking in their first attempts too. Friends, this is not about someone’s intellectual abilities but the simplest logic is PROPER GUIDANCE. Even after many attempts , one fails again, not because he or she didn’t study but because the person is still not aware of what should be read and the most importantly “How To Read”. You can get What to read everywhere, there are number of resources but no one tells u how to do it. This is where I found my best and beautiful. GS MENTORSHIP PROGRAM by RAKESH SIR. This is unique in its pedagogy and simplicity. This course helps one keep the preparation on track, easy to do and worth it. This is very fruitful and makes the journey fearless. DAR KE AAGE JEET HAI! Just opt for it. Believe me, You’ll not regret it.

Subakumaran K

Strong Foundation!

Quality content videos ensuring a strong foundation , daily practice questions with video solutions , doubt clearance through telegram , guidance for GS with best cost benefit ratio interms of hours spent wrt marks, motivation throughout this humongous journey at a very affordable cost without compromise on quality is what CSAT MANTRA brings to a student’s life. The learnings from this course is also very much helpful for other competitive exams.

Best wishes to CSAT MANTRA and fellow aspirants.

Bershia X

Extremely thankful to CSAT MANTRA..!


I am the one who is afraid of aptitude and I always used to worry about CSAT. By the God’s grace I found CSAT MANTRA which is found to be a very good platform for all the non mathematics and all students to learn aptitude in a simple way. The learning is so interesting and made easy to understand. Now I got out from the fear of CSAT and really enjoy learning with full satisfaction.


Rashika B

Not only in CSAT but also helps in other competitive exams.

A very good initiative and it has helped me alot. Not only in cse but also in other competitive examz too. The only key which sir has said in it’s most webinar session that we should daily practice half an hour and actually it has benefitted me a lot to demolish my fear of maths. Thank you sir for bringing such a great platform at a very affordable price your guidance are really of great help.

Eshwar R

Great course..!

Glad that I have subscribed to this course. CSAT made easy in true words. Thanks to CSAT MANTRA for offering this course at 20% of what other coaching institutions charge.

Glad to be mentored by Rakesh sir for GS preparation. I highly recommend GS Mentorship Program for everyone.

Thank you CSAT MANTRA.



Shivani S

Honest Recommendation!

On a serious note for each and every UPSC CSE Aspirant. Beware of ‘CSAT is just the qualifying examination’. This is based on experience of many aspirants that CSAT must not be ignored, even if u r a Mathematics background student, I hv seen people making blunders during exam. Don’t neglect CSAT at all.

Further, this is honestly recommended, all that glitters is not gold. There are number of institutes providing CSAT coaching on avery high prices, but taking it as some banking exam or such. CSAT requires a different attitude and that I learnt here on CSATMANTRA Platform. Guidance given by Rakesh Sir is of immense help and the way syllabus is divided in modules and very short content videos, it seems very easy to do. Even after Non Mathematics background, I am able to clear Csat under Sir’s guidance.

As an aspirant, I understand the pressure one has and the money constraints too. So, I am not indulging in any incorrect review but would recommend everyone to join this course. You can go for the demo videos as well as Daily Doses and test my words by yourself.

Shashwat S

Unique Initiative!

Thank you Rakesh Sir for this unique initiative that you have taken.

The CSAT course offered by you is really helpful. More than that your daily directives to solve a csat chapter come as savior, which we would have ignored otherwise. You keep us anchored and ensure that we don’t pile up things for the last moment.

I really appreciate recently started GS mentorship program as well. Tips given by you like the one where you spoke about arranging “information in a logical way” for a quick memory formation other several others work like anything.

I hope this platform will keep coming up with new initiatives that will enhance our preparation.

Ambika J

CSAT Made Easy in True Words!

Thank you sir for making maths concepts so simpler! You are a boon for all the students out there who struggle with maths but with your videos, everything is so easy. Earlier, I used to hate maths but now I enjoy maths which speaks for your teaching. And also, thank you for being so quick with responses for all our doubts.

Abhishek M

Wonderful course and Brilliant mentor!

Living amidst profit oriented people, it’s hard to find genuine teacher like Rakesh sir. The course is available at a very handy price unlike other institutes who suck money but fail to deliver the quality.

GS Mentorship Program
This program will definitely minimise your efforts by streamlining your preparation in a systematic way.

This course will lighten the burden of second paper. Sir has a unique approach to solve problems. If practiced sincerely second paper shall be a cakewalk.

Thank you for such a wonderful course and a brilliant mentor.